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2016 Top Selling Communities in New Hanover County, NC

Written by on Friday, 09 December 2016 12:34 pm

It’s not 2017 yet, but it’s safe to say we have the top 10 selling communities in New Hanover County for 2016. These have far out-sold other communities in the county and while this may not affect the day-to-day home buyer choosing a home that fits their lifestyle, popularity can affect demand; so, this information may prove useful for anyone considering selling or purchasing an investment property.

Top Selling Communities Overall

1. Landfall – 111 Homes Sold

2. Downtown - 65 Homes Sold

3. Pine Valley Estates - 63 Homes Sold

4. The Forks at Barclay - 61 Homes Sold

5. Porters Neck Plantation - 54 Homes Sold

6. Woodlake - 49 Homes Sold

7. The Cape - 48 Homes Sold

8. Historic District - 46 Homes Sold

9. Northchase - 45 Homes Sold

10. Reserve at Westbay Estates - 43 Homes Sold

Over 4,600 homes have sold in New Hanover County so far this year and there are many other communities that have sold well for specific types of homes and price ranges. Here are some examples:

Top Selling Communities for Luxury Homes

1. Landfall – 36 Homes Sold

2. Figure Eight Island – 11 Homes Sold

3. Shore Acres – 6 Homes Sold

4. Autumn Hall – 4 Homes Sold

5. Mason Harbour – 4 Homes Sold

6. Parmele Isle – 4 Homes Sold

7. Porters Neck Plantation – 4 Homes Sold

8. Seawatch – 4 Homes Sold

Top Selling New Construction Communities

1. The Forks at Barclay – 61 Homes Sold

2. Woodlake – 42 Homes Sold

3. Reserve at Westbay Estates – 42 Homes Sold

4. Hanover Reserve – 27 Homes Sold

5. Tarin Woods – 27 Homes Sold

6. Covington – 25 Homes Sold

7. Shinnwood West – 25 Homes Sold

8. The Overlook – 22 Homes Sold

9. Willow Glen – 22 Homes Sold

10. River Bluffs – 21 Homes Sold

Of course, there’s much more to know than just how many homes have sold in each neighborhood. If you’re curious to know how a specific community performed in 2016, give us a call at (910) 202-2546. We can pull all the data and fill you in on the average sale price, average days on the market, sale price versus listing price, total number of homes on the market, general listing conditions, and more. If you’re concerned about your home’s market value, we’re happy to do a comparative market analysis or if you just want a ballpark idea of what it’s worth, we have a free website that can give you a projected listing price instantly. As always, we’re ready to help you with your greater Wilmington real estate market needs.

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